PBIS Placards

PBIS placards feature custom graphics to reinforce your school’s PBIS theme. These durable signs are printed on 1/8″ thick plastic. The size is 8″ x 12″, and they are ordered in sets of 10. Use these placards to spread your PBIS messaging throughout your school. Each is customized with your words, your theme, your mascot and your colors. Visit mascotjunction.com to see other ways to use your mascot to promote your PBIS, or character trait education program.

PBIS Placard Custom Graphics
PBIS placards feature custom graphics to reinforce your PBIS theme.

PBIS Decorating Ideas

Bring your PBIS ideas to life with fun and engaging posters, banners and signs by Mascot Junction. We custom design everything for each school with your words, your colors and your mascot. We have more than 100 kid-friendly mascots. Each comes with more than 80 clip art illustrations to help teach positive behavior and character traits like trustworthiness, citizenship, respect and others.

PBIS Ideas Decorating Posters
Decorate your entire school with PBIS posters, banners and signs custom designed for your school.

Using your school mascot as a role model to teach positive behavior is a good idea. It is very engaging, and makes understanding complex topics like responsibility, empathy and respect easier because of the visual representations. For example, if you want to teach students that it’s “responsible” to wash their hands in the restroom, putting a poster of their mascot washing their hands, in the restroom is an excellent reminder that they can self-relate to.

Raven PBIS Posters

The Raven Mascot is the latest addition to the family of mascots by Mascot Junction. The clip art sets include more than 80 illustrations of the kid-friendly raven participating in activities related to school, sports, holidays and positive behavior. Mascot Junction designs and prints custom posters for schools that feature their mascot promoting their PBIS program. See all the Raven Mascot Clip Art images and PBIS posters and banners at MascotJunction.com.

Raven Theme Poster
Raven poster tells students what it means to be part of their Raven Community.

Rules Posters Included in PBIS Roll Out Kits

Rules posters are an essential part of a PBIS program because they take your message to the street. Or more specifically, to the hallway, restroom, classroom, playground and the different areas of your school where specific positive behaviors need to be reinforced. These rules posters feature a knight mascot visually demonstrating what the positive behaviors look like in a school setting. Mascot Junction has more than 100 different kid-friendly mascots for use on posters like these. And rules posters are just the start. Mascot Junction also custom designs, prints and delivers PBIS banners, signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers and an array of products to help make your PBIS program more fun and engaging. Learn more about all the products in a PBIS Roll Out Kit from Mascot Junction by clicking here.

PBIS Rules Posters Knight Mascot
PBIS rules posters are for different areas of the school including the hallway, classroom, restroom, assemblies, playground, library, computer lab, bus, pick-up and drop-off areas.

PBIS Rules Posters With YOUR School’s Logo

Send us your school’s logo and we’ll create PBIS rules posters featuring it, along with YOUR school colors and YOUR words. Instead of using cartoons of one of our mascots, we can use illustrations of students visually demonstrating the positive behaviors from your matrix. Only available through Mascot Junction! Visit mascotjunction.com to learn more.

Put Your School Logo On PBIS Rules Posters


Viking Mascot Rules Posters

Create a highly engaging school climate using your Viking mascot with these rules posters. Choose from two styles of expectation posters. Mascot Junction customized each with YOUR words, YOUR colors and YOUR mascot. These samples feature our Viking mascot, but we have more than 100 other kid-friendly mascots in our library. Each mascot comes with more than 80 clip art illustrations. Behavior clip art images portray positive behavior and are used to create posters, banners, signs, award certificates and many other products in PBIS Roll Out Kits. Learn more at Mascot Junction.

Viking Rules Posters Creative Ideas
Use these viking rules posters to meet PBIS posting requirements in your school.

PBIS Expectation Posters

PBIS Expectation Poster Ideas
PBIS Expectation Posters feature the school mascot visually demonstrating the positive behaviors of the school’s PBIS program.

Put PBIS Expectation Posters in different areas of your school to remind students of what positive behavior looks like in that area. These posters feature the school mascot visually demonstrating the desired behavior. It’s a great way to engage children and make it easy for them to grasp the concepts of respect, responsibility, safety and other ways of acting. By using the mascot, the school is creating a very inviting and inclusive climate where everyone is brought together under one, easy-to-understand, iconic figure – the wildcat, or eagle, or bulldog, or whatever the school mascot is.

Mascot Junction has more than 100 kid-friendly school mascots that are designed specifically for reinforcing positive behavioral expectations. Each mascot has two clip art sets. Each has more than 40 illustrations of the mascot doing activities related to school, sports, holidays, or represent positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety, anit-bullying, acceptance, empathy and others.

Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits at MascotJunction.com.

PBIS Posters

Our PBIS posters feature your school mascot telling students about the benefits of being part of the mascot’s community, and how to make good decisions. It’s a powerful tool for creating a new school climate that is very engaging. It’s part of our mascot-centric climate creation system that helps you leverage your school mascot as the primary role model for demonstrating positive behavior, or character traits. Learn more at PBISteachingtools.com.

Wildcat PBIS Poster
This PBIS poster features a wildcat mascot telling students about the benefits of being part of the wildcat community within the school.

Bee Responsible Posters

This poster is part of a series designed for schools that use a Bee theme in their PBIS program. Each poster features your school mascot as a role model demonstrating a positive behavior, or character trait, and our cartoon bee pointing to the targeted word, such as respectful, responsible, kind, caring, safe, tolerant and others. Learn more at PBISteachingtools.com.

Be Respectful PBIS Theme Posters
This poster features a cartoon bee beside the word Respectful, and a teacher standing by a chalk board with an eagle mascot listening attentively.
PBIS Bee Poster
Use this poster to teach students to be kind and caring. It features a cartoon bee pointing to the words “bee caring” and an eagle mascot holding his hands in a heart shape. We have similar posters that feature more than 50 different mascots, and other targeted behaviors.
Dedication, Determination Persistence Poster
Teach students the importance of persistence, determination and dedication with our Bee Persistent poster that shows an eagle mascot rolling a heavy boulder up a steep hill. We replace the eagle with your mascot to make it useful for your school.