Bee Responsible Posters

This poster is part of a series designed for schools that use a Bee theme in their PBIS program. Each poster features your school mascot as a role model demonstrating a positive behavior, or character trait, and our cartoon bee pointing to the targeted word, such as respectful, responsible, kind, caring, safe, tolerant and others. Learn more at

Be Respectful PBIS Theme Posters
This poster features a cartoon bee beside the word Respectful, and a teacher standing by a chalk board with an eagle mascot listening attentively.
PBIS Bee Poster
Use this poster to teach students to be kind and caring. It features a cartoon bee pointing to the words “bee caring” and an eagle mascot holding his hands in a heart shape. We have similar posters that feature more than 50 different mascots, and other targeted behaviors.
Dedication, Determination Persistence Poster
Teach students the importance of persistence, determination and dedication with our Bee Persistent poster that shows an eagle mascot rolling a heavy boulder up a steep hill. We replace the eagle with your mascot to make it useful for your school.

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