Rules Posters Included in PBIS Roll Out Kits

Rules posters are an essential part of a PBIS program because they take your message to the street. Or more specifically, to the hallway, restroom, classroom, playground and the different areas of your school where specific positive behaviors need to be reinforced. These rules posters feature a knight mascot visually demonstrating what the positive behaviors look like in a school setting. Mascot Junction has more than 100 different kid-friendly mascots for use on posters like these. And rules posters are just the start. Mascot Junction also custom designs, prints and delivers PBIS banners, signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers and an array of products to help make your PBIS program more fun and engaging. Learn more about all the products in a PBIS Roll Out Kit from Mascot Junction by clicking here.

PBIS Rules Posters Knight Mascot
PBIS rules posters are for different areas of the school including the hallway, classroom, restroom, assemblies, playground, library, computer lab, bus, pick-up and drop-off areas.

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